OUr community of travelers is a huge parT of what makes Otros Ojos such a special experience. Here is what some of them have to say about traveling in Cuba with us.



Ann P.
New Haven, CT

Initially reluctant to take on a country that seemed too fraught with complications for a short trip, I am now, thanks in large part to my experience with Otros Ojos, eager to return. Kay and Norberto opened doors that would otherwise have remained unknown and inaccessible to those unfamiliar with the arts and music scenes in Havana. With a distinct warm and personable touch, this pair paved paths for our group to enchanting galleries, phenomenal music encounters, thought-provoking theatre and superb restaurants. My eyes have been opened to a culture that has warmed my heart- these are a people who truly enjoy each day. They seem to revel in their vibrant music and celebrate family and friends. I am grateful for the rich insider perspective of Kay and Norberto and highly recommend seeing Cuba through their learned eyes!


Daniel P.
Chicago, IL

My experience with Otros Ojos was truly unforgettable. They provided us with such a unique and privileged access to the Havana art scene and took us to breathtaking places for beautiful food and drink . So much of what we saw I could never have accessed on my own. I left Cuba in awe of the daring risks that contemporary artists there are taking, and was moved to tears on more than one occasion. Overall, my time with OTROS OJOS, Kay and Norberto was an absolute blast paired with such a moving experience. I left feeling very connected to the Cuban people, to the reality or their lives and work, and with a huge appreciation of the food, culture and challenges of the island.


Dana F.
Evanston, IL

A trip of a lifetime! There is not a day that has gone by since our February adventure with Otros Ojos that I don't find myself day dreaming about our amazing experiences. The energy of this place is life altering - it seems as if you have been transported to another time and dimension - enabling you to immerse yourself in the here and now of the people, place, and culture in front of you instead of the many distractions that is our norm in today's world. Traveling with Otros Ojos enabled us to touch the local culture and experience Cuba from their eyes. Not at one time did I feel like a tourist, and I don't even speak Spanish! You meet Norberto and Kay's neighbors, friends, fellow artists and musicians, eat at their favorite restaurants, go to their neighborhood concerts and dance clubs. They also have great suggestions as well if you just want to go off and explore on your own a bit.

It's hard to capture how much this experience meant to me in words. I can just say that anytime I think of my time in Cuba, a huge smile comes across my face as well as tears to my eyes. I can't wait to go back, Cuba is now a part of me! Gracias!


Pam D.
Oakland, CA

Otros Ojos! Thank you for such an incredible trip! Your hospitality, warmth, impeccable details and love of Cuba, art, music, culture, food and sharing of love and knowledge is unmatched! It was a trip of a lifetime, and I can’t wait to get back.


Bill E.
Palm Springs, CA

Cuba is much more than original colonial architecture and nostalgia stirred by a fleet of autos from the 50’s or a ride through the city in a 1957 Impala Convertible! I have travelled around the world, but going to Cuba with Otros Ojos was a true discovery experience. Otros Ojos will help you discover the real culture and music of Cuba, new never before experienced rhythms and colors that cause your body to involuntarily to move to the beat, new sounds that fill your head as your cares of the day disappear! They introduced us to the musicians, artists, chefs of Cuba, and the people of Cuba who are filled with an infectious joy. Let Otros Ojos show you the real Cuba, the music, the art, the food, and the people, that make Cuba an unforgettable experience, and your memories will beckon you to return again and again.


Meredith A.
San Francisco, CA

Otros Ojos wove together a Cuban experience that was unlike any other. In three days, we enjoyed wonderful dinners in tucked away corners of La Habana, drinks on the porch of Kay and Norberto’s magical home, live music, talks and connections with so much of their community, drinks and lively conversations on rooftops, and personal connections with artists. The small group of likeminded travelers we were with led to such a special group dynamic and made the trip even more meaningful. You couldn’t be in better hands for an eye-opening and local experience of Cuba. 

IMG_0476 (Edited).jpeg

Missy D.
New York, NY

My time in Cuba with Otros Ojos was fantastic. I’m an avid traveler and love exploring new places so had high expectations for my time in Cuba. I was not disappointed! The ability to see the country through that of a local, find gems of restaurants, bars and artists that you would never find as a normal tourist, and walk away really feeling like you experienced the culture is the ultimate prize when traveling. Mission accomplished. Thank you to Kay, Norberto & the amazing Otros Ojos team!


Shani & ERiK H.
CHicago, IL

Finding Otros Ojos was an amazing stroke of luck. With Kay and Norberto's expert guidance, we got to experience life in Cuba for the past 40 years, engage with active artists and musicians, find off the beaten path restaurants and shops, and immerse ourselves in this amazing culture. Being there sparked an intense curiosity about the place which has lasted far beyond the trip - we've immersed ourselves in Cuban music and history and food. We can't wait for our next visit!


Joan P.
Guilford, CT

Traveling with Otros Ojos in Cuba was an unparalleled experience. Kay and Norberto are informed, intelligent, creative and educated. The know Cuba in such a deep and interesting way. Their perspectives and the communities they connected us to were so varied and important. Prepare to be treated not only like an honored guest, but like family. This was such a unique chance to know the generous hospitality of the Cuban people and to become acquainted with many special aspects of this beautiful island country.



Naomi & Rob M.
Chicago, IL

We had a wonderful time traveling with Otros Ojos during our first trip to Cuba. When we travel, we look for ways to get to know a place beyond the tourist traps. That’s what Kay and Norberto provided. We went music venues and restaurants we never would have found on our own and got to know their wonderful community of artists and musicians. They also provided all of the necessary information to make logistical planning easy. We had an incredible time and hope to go back soon.