unique access to the most creative places on earth


Otros Ojos (other Eyes in Spanish) offers portals into Cuban Art, Music and FOOD through trips and RetReats designed to shift perspective and open your eyes to a vibrant and multi-layered Culture.




An OPPORTUNITY to Engage Deeply in Cuban CULTURE and Community

we are run by a Cuban/American artist couple and a team of creative Cubans. Travelers are immersed in the Cultural communities of Cuba and get UNPARALLELED access into the vibrant creative world that our founders are a part of.



A community of travelers who Believes in the Power of Connection


OUr trips are filled with Curious travelers who value connection, exploration, context, Color, culture, INDEPENDENCE and quality Conversation.


Travel that Supports and Engages with Cuba’s creative crucible

Everything We do and stand for supports the ARTISTIC and BURGEONING ENTREPRENEURIAL communities in Cuba. OUr trips seamlessly Adhere to REGULATIONS CURRENTLY held by the US against Cuba. we provide all legal DOCUMENTATION and keep on top of any shifts in policy.



YOu will leave Cuba with not only a better understanding of This island but of the world and yourself

A chance to experience this rhythmic, complicated and inspiring island with new perspectives and ideas.


There is nothing like time well spent


Nos vemos pronto!