Our neighborhood

When you come to havana, you live in a special enclave of the Vedado neighborhood — full of quirky houses, schools, Book shops, vegetable vendors and a Vibrant contemporary culture scene.


The Turquoise House

This is our founders’ Home and the physical CenteR Point of our Trips. While Guests do not stay here, we gather here throughout the trip. We encourage guests to make themselves at home, pour a drink, fill up thier water bottles with our filtered water and take a seat to relax.



We have hand selected homes in our Havana neighborhood that exemplify Comfort, Design, and great service. They are run by incredible people and you will feel right at home. They are a large source of income for the small Cuban private sector. The homes we work with have a huge amount of pride for what they do. Cuban hospitality is beautiful.


Casa de Manuel y Gabi

This home is directly across the street from the turquoise house. It has a private common room and two rooms with en suite bathrooms. Breakfast is served on a verandah overlooking homes and apartments. It’s a creative and well run space with incredible hosts.


Casa de Barbarita Y Amalia

An incredible ground floor apartment with two spacious rooms run by one of Cuba’s best known musical playwrites. This home is creative, warm and impeccably designed and has two lovely rooms. Most of the art hanging were gifts to the owners by the artists. Breakfast is served in the dining room or on the verandah.


Casa de Vicky y Carlos


A beautiful home with fantastic design. The owner has an incredible eye and is also a well-known baker. This home has two rooms with en suite bathrooms. The gardens are lovely in the morning. Breakfast is served next door at Casa Flores.


Casa Flores


Also run by Vicky and Carlos, this home has more of a contemporary design, but still maintains a lot of authentic Cuban charm. Breakfasts use Vicky’s bread recipes and it has four ensuite rooms. We use the grounds at times for extra space for retreats.